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The Pakistani side thanked the President of Turkmenistan for humanitarian assistance

The Pakistani side thanked the President of Turkmenistan for humanitarian assistance

President Serdar Berdimuhamedov received a message on behalf of the Pakistani side expressing deep gratitude for the humanitarian assistance and support provided by Turkmenistan to the people of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan in connection with a natural disaster – a devastating flood due to the abnormal rainy season, the information program “Watan” of Turkmen television reported today.

The message notes that the relations between the two peoples have deep centuries-old historical and cultural roots, and the assistance provided by the Turkmen brothers is of great importance in this difficult time.

The wishes of good health and great success were addressed to the President of Turkmenistan and to the fraternal Turkmen nation – further progress and prosperity.

Let’s remind that due to the numerous heavy monsoon rains, a third of Pakistan's territory went under water. The element inflicted damages to approximately 33 million people, destroying 1.6 million houses, and the total damage is already estimated at 10 billion US dollars. To date, 1,314 people have died, 12,000 have been injured, many have been left homeless and are going to hospitals because of problems caused by poisoning and malaria.

The situation is worsened with the overflowing of Manchar lake’s banks, the biggest lake in the country, which flood the most heavily populated districts of the Sindh province.

The flood destroyed 90% of the harvest and now the country faces a real threat of famine.

On August 27, Pakistani Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif appealed to the international community for help. On September 5, in accordance with the Order of the President of Turkmenistan Serdar Berdimuhamedov a humanitarian aid, containing medicines and medical supplies, goods and food were delivered from Turkmenistan to the airport of Karachi, Sindh province of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

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