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From September 1, educational institutions of Turkmenistan will resume work in a standard mode


With the beginning of the new academic year, all schools, universities and vocational schools in Turkmenistan will return to their normal work schedule for the first time in two years, which was before the adoption of special measures to prevent the entry of infectious diseases into the country. This is reported by the publication

The transaction to the usual mode and schedule of classes will facilitate the work for teachers, because now shift training will be canceled.

As the source notes, referring to the opinions of teachers, two years of restrictions did not become a test for teachers.

“On the contrary, we were able to master the skills of intensive teaching”, said Aynabat Allamovna Muhammedova, teacher of geography at the secondary school № 51 in Ashgabat.

At the same time, all teachers spoke positively about the fact that with the transition to the previous format of teaching, teachers will have enough time to explain the topic of the lesson and test students’ knowledge of the subject.

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