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The V Islamic Solidarity Games finished in Türkiye

The V Islamic Solidarity Games finished in Türkiye

In Turkey finished the V Islamic Solidarity Games. The official closing ceremony of the Games was held at the Selçuk University “15 July” Stadium.

At the beginning of the ceremony, the flags of all 55 participating countries were brought to the stage, after which the parade of teams began.

This year in Islamabad took part more than 400 athletes. In total 355 medals in 24 types of sports within were played.

Contest hostess Türkiye won the medal gaining in total 326 (135, 103, 88) medals. On the second and third places there are Uzbekistan - 149 (51, 39, 59) and Iran 33 (39, 44, 50).

Turkmen athletes at the V Islamic Solidarity Games in Konya for a total won 23 medals, including 4 golden, 6 silver and 13 bronze awards. AT the medal standings Turkmenistan is on the 12th place.

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