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The Caspian Sea Day is celebrated in Turkmenistan

The Caspian Sea Day is celebrated in Turkmenistan

Today Turkmenistan celebrates the Caspian Day.

This day is conducted in five pre-Caspian countries on August 12, since 2006, when the Framework Convention for the protection of the marine environment of the Caspian Sea came into force.

By this date, international conferences, scientific readings, meeting of scientists-ecologists, events for youth, various actions, directed on attraction of the attention of the community to the questions of ecological security of the sea, maintenance and preservation of its unique ecosystem are organized.

In the “Avaza” National Tourist Zone on this day, exhibitions and events telling about the peculiarities of the flora and fauna of the Caspian Sea will be executed.

Being a consistent supporter of maintaining peace and cooperation in the Caspian basin region, Turkmenistan stands for a constructive dialogue based on taking into account the state interests of all parties, combining common efforts in the implementation of promising regional projects on the entire spectrum of issues of the Caspian problem.

One of the practical measures for the protection of the marine environment implemented in Turkmenistan is the emergence of a modern International seaport of the city of Turkmenbashi, during the construction of which a new drainage system was built, water purifying separators were installed, according to the newspaper “Neutral Turkmenistan”.

The country is undergoing re-equipment of production facilities and recultivation of landfills for the extraction and processing of hydrocarbon raw materials. The benefits for nature from the modernization of the chemical industry and oil refining, and other efforts of the state are confirmed in the laboratory: the content of petroleum products, nitrites, phenols, heavy metals, synthetic surfactants in the marine environment of the Turkmen sector does not exceed the established maximum permissible concentrations, oxygen and biogenic regimes are normal.

This proves the Caspian ecological service (“Hazarecocontrol”), which is approaching to the 50th anniversary from the day of its establishing. Its specialists regularly conduct observation of the condition of coastal areas, study the quality of sea and groundwater, bottom sediments, soil of the coastal strip, monitor the efficiency of treatment facilities and the work of departmental laboratories of various enterprises.

The Service also studies the hydrochemical regime of the sea at stations located in the Turkmenbashi Bay, offshore drilling areas, Kiyanly Bay, within the water area of the village of Ekerem, Garabogaz district, within the National Touristic Zone “Avaza”.

The Turkmen coast of the Caspian Sea is also known for its mud volcanoes, there are dozens of them here. Geologists have confirmed that these geological monuments, which are now being considered as potential sites for inclusion in the UNESCO list, often accompany underground hydrocarbon deposits. These geological formations are very ancient, they give a lot of valuable information for scientists, because they have been functioning for many thousands, if not millions of years and deliver rocks to the earth's surface from great depths.

In the Caspian Sea waters 90% of the world’s storages of sturgeon fishes, which existed even 200 million years ago in the time of the dinosaurs, - beluga, starry surgeons, sterlet and a small thorn. The sea is home to many rare species of mollusks. Previously conducted scientific and practical research has shown that the Caspian Sea can be an excellent natural nursery for breeding mullet, Caspian salmon, whitefish, starry surgeons and other commercial species of fish and crustaceans. At the same time, the rational use of such a resource, the replenishment of stocks of valuable types of aquaculture can serve as an attractive argument in the case of reasonable management.

On the coastal line the birds, whom attracts not only the rich nutrition base, but also a natural protection from predators in small rivers, Etrek rivers district of the Hazar natural state preservation for a long time threat.

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