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Turkmenistan bans advertising of antimicrobials, Ashgabat and Tbilisi sign an agreement to open direct flights, the first Center for gas turbine repair in Central Asia

Turkmenistan bans advertising of antimicrobials, Ashgabat and Tbilisi sign an agreement to open direct flights, the first Center for gas turbine repair in Central Asia

1. Turkmenistan has approved general requirements for the development, production, manufacture, storage, transportation, advertising and destruction of medicines and medical products. In particular, advertising of antimicrobials, the use of the image of a medical worker, and references to the opinions of celebrities are prohibited.

2. Turkmenistan and Georgia agreed to open direct flights and increase cargo turnover. The agreement on cooperation in the field of transport was signed during the visit of Georgian Prime Minister Irakli Garibashvili to Ashgabat.

3. The Center for repair and maintenance of power equipment was put into operation in the Buzmeyin etrap of Ashgabat. It will permit for high quality, high-tech maintenance and overhaul of installations and units involved in power plants and other enterprises of the energy system of Turkmenistan.

4. Koton Kids has received clothes for babies and teenagers. Bright, fashionable and comfortable clothes from Koton Kids are made of natural fabrics, keep their shape after repeated washings and do not lose color. It is available to visit the official store in Ashgabat and choose bright looks from the new summer collection for children from 2 years old on the 2nd floor of the “Berkarar” Shopping and Entertainment Center.

5. It is impossible to imagine visiting Rome without a tour of the Vatican, its museums and Peter's Basilica. Here are stored masterpieces of the great masters of the past, ancient manuscripts, sculptures and many works of art.

6. A tank farm for storing gasoline and liquefied gas will be built in Turkmenistan. The facility will be located on the territory of the Ahal plant for the production of gasoline from natural gas.

7. The upcoming iPhone 14 will lose its physical SIM card slot. Apple plans to switch to virtual eSIMs, which are gaining popularity in Europe and Asia, permitting users to switch between different carriers, choosing a more convenient plan.

8. British scientists have recommended placing images on chocolate bars that warn of the risk of obesity, cancer or heart disease, similar to cigarettes. The effectiveness of this measure was confirmed by an experiment conducted by researchers at the University of Cambridge.

9. Paulo Dybala has become a player of the Italian “Roma”. The Argentine moved to the “Giallorossi” camp as a free agent, after the expiration of the contract with “Juventus”. The 28 years old Dybala entered into an employment agreement with “Roma” for three years. In the new team, he will perform under 21 numbers.

10. The championship of the Central Asian Football Association among women's national teams in 2022, which was held from July 8 to 20, ended in Dushanbe. The women's teams of Iran, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Turkmenistan participated in the tournament. The winners were girls from Uzbekistan. In the match of the fifth round, they beat the Iranian team with a score of 1:0. The women's team of Uzbekistan scored 12 points, winning all the matches of the tournament, while not conceding a single goal.

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