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“Turkmentelecom” has started leasing servers

“Turkmentelecom” has started leasing servers

From the 1st of May 2022, the SEC “Turkmentelecom” launches a new service – rental of a physical server (dedicated server), according to the company's website.

Using a physical dedicated server is a convenient and economical way to host a project with an increased load, as well as a large number of sites with the possibility of flexible configuration to suit your needs. As part of the service, a separate physical server of the selected configuration is provided, located in a specialized data center.

The cost of a dedicated server varies from 1958 to 4885 TNM per month – it depends on configuration of the computer you choose. In our data center located dozens of servers with different processors, the amount of RAM and HDD/SSD drives, as well as the number of IP addresses”, - is said in “Turkmentelecom” message.

It is also noted that the clients of the company receive full administrative access to the management of software and hardware components of the server without access restrictions.

Among the main advantages of renting a physical server are such as:

• no costs for the purchase of expensive equipment, for the payment of maintenance personnel, for the equipment of the server room;
• reliable data storage with multiple reservations;
• virtual server operation in 24x7 mode;
• technical support;
• access to a physical server;
• the possibility of increasing the capacity of the virtual server.

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