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The Head of National Organization of Turkmenistan for Barcode was re-elected for the third term

The Head of National Organization of Turkmenistan for Barcode was re-elected for the third term

The head of the organization Aykamar Myalikgulyeva, by a unanimous decision of the participants of the general reporting and election meeting dedicated to the results of the activities of the National Organization of Turkmenistan for Barcodes (NOTB), was elected for a third term, as per the website of the organization today.

The meeting was held in the conference hall of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry with the participation of members of the NOTB - representatives of government agencies and private business, as well as the media.

Detailed review of the organization’s work for 2021, report on execution of Action plan for 2018 -2021 were given in the report of the head of the organization as well as the tasks for coming four-year period were identified.

At present time, there are 2139 structures within the National Organization of Turkmenistan for Barcodes. More than 2 thousand producers are covered by the bar-code system. More than 61 thousand names of commercial products manufactured by local manufacturers have been assigned the appropriate labeling. Meanwhile, 20 thousand 53 bar-codes were issued to state structures, 40 thousand 75 to the private sector, which is a guarantee for their promotion to world markets.

One of the achievements of the NOTB is the increase of export opportunities of the Turkmen manufacturers, their access to world’s markets since with the promotion of the bar-coding system for domestic products, new opportunities for the development of trade and economic relations have opened up.

During the meeting, the report of the control and audit commission on the work done was also heard. In accordance with the charter of the public organization, elections of a new board were held.

We should add that the NOTB in May 2015 received a status of a full member of the GSI International Organization for the creation and implementation of standards. And the organization makes its worthy contribution to this work.

First of all, this concerns the introduction of international and interstate standards into national practice, the use of effective modern hardware devices and software, automation of business processes and electronic document management in order to improve the efficiency of online commerce and the competitiveness of enterprises.

The activity of the National Barcode Organization in the context of Turkmenistan's active integration into the system of global trade, scientific, technological and cooperative relations, the country's realization of the status of an acceding country (“active observer”) to the World Trade Organization obtains a particular importance.

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