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Turkmenistan chaired the meeting of the Ministers of Agriculture of the Central Asian countries


The fifth meeting of the Ministries of Agriculture of the Central Asian countries, devoted to the sustainable development of agriculture in the region through complex management of natural resources, was held under the chairman of Turkmenistan. It was reported in the newspaper “Neutral Turkmenistan”.

Ministerial consultations were focused on search of solutions, that are capable to protect natural resources’ base while maintaining the current level of development, herein the fact that the success of existing agriculture model is noted as indisputable.

The aim of the meeting is to come to union opinion in the sphere of management of natural resource, to clarify the meaning for agroecological conditions of Central Asia region the new terms: “neutral balance of land degradation”, “sustainable land management”, “integrated water use system”, “integrated plant protection”, “containment of the effects of climate change”.

Allanur Altyev , Minister of Agriculture and Environmental Protection of Turkmenistan, speaking to the participants, listed a number of important international and regional initiatives of the country aimed at improving the environmental situation in the region, as well as ensuring the implementation of the principles of integrated water resources management, rational use of land, forests, pastures.

Effective development of agriculture is impossible in any country of the region without usage of systematical approach in the issues of natural resources rational usage, cooperation opportunities in the sphere of agriculture for the success of agriculture together with the nature and its resources protection.

Today, there are alternative eco-friendly methods of nature management, which also take into account complexity, which provides a balance between increasing productivity, environmental protection and social well-being, contains a component of continuous development and improvement, increasing the success and efficiency of agrotechnical measures for watering, irrigation, salinization, reclamation and restoration of degraded lands, the source notes.

The exchange of opinions on setting up of regional view on agroecological policy, that will take into account complexity of nature management took place in the framework of the meeting.

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