Kiberone in Ashgabat holds courses for schoolchildren on programming and IT technologies

Kiberone in Ashgabat holds courses for schoolchildren on programming and IT technologies

Kiberone International Cyber School invites Ashgabat schoolchildren to become students of programming and digital technologies training courses.

In addition to programming itself, Kiberone courses teach how to work in graphic editors, create and edit video clips and cartoons, create applications and games for the Web and Store, work with artificial intelligence and virtual reality, the ability to read codes and operate with them, while also learning English - about 50 directions (modules) in total.

The course program is built on the principle of sequential study of each module, one after another. For the little ones, classes are held in a playful way. Much attention is paid to practical exercises - about 80% of the total amount of information, less - to theory, thanks to which course participants from the very beginning receive the necessary skills and abilities, which in the future they will be able to apply on their own.

Pupils are divided into three groups according to age, each group has a separate training program.

Since almost every area of life now and, especially, in the future, is associated with IT technologies, mastering them at a high, almost professional level will be a serious contribution to building a career in adulthood. All professions related to digital technologies will be in demand in the market.

Cyber-school KIBER-one is the first international school for studying IT-technologies for children and teenagers. KIBER-one is qualified by Microsoft and recognized by the UN and UNESCO as one of the best projects in the field of digital technologies for children.

Instagram: @kiberonetm. Phone for information: +993 63 63 91 92

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