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Head of Turkmenistan set tasks for the country's energy complex

Head of Turkmenistan set tasks for the country's energy complex

President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov outlined the vectors of the country's energy industry development during a working meeting held today in Dashoguz Region.

The head of state listened to the reports delivered by the heads of the branch energy departments and specialists of the region organizations of the Ministry of Energy as the information program "Vatan" of the Turkmen television informed.

Efficient use of opportunities for the development of regions, energy supply to domestic consumers and for export, study of modern research and world best practices for the industry’s development, training of highly qualified personnel as well as intensification of international cooperation were among the topical issues discussed.

In these areas, the President of the country set specific tasks for the heads and specialists of the energy industry. First of all, it is necessary to continue and complete the implementation of the country’s Unified Energy System Project at a high quality level and on timely basis. At the same time, to attach great importance to the introduction of the latest technologies, digital system and advanced scientific breakthrough. The ecological aspect was identified as vitally important.

It was stressed that the successful implementation of this Project will be important in strengthening the role of Turkmenistan in the international space as an energy power.

The importance of joint work by the country's energy construction enterprises and employees of the energy industry in economic terms as well as in enhancing international cooperation and in ensuring sustainable development in the region was also pointed out.

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