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An information day of Erasmus+ was held in Turkmenistan

An information day of Erasmus+ was held in Turkmenistan

An online information day of the Erasmus + program was organized in Turkmenistan in an online format, reports the publication "Turkmenistan: Golden Age".

The event was organized by the Ministry of Education of the country, the European Executive Agency for Education and Culture together with the Delegation of the European Union in Turkmenistan and the National Office of Erasmus+.

The event was attended by representatives of Turkmen universities, who got acquainted with the Erasmus Mundus program for undergraduates and the Jean Monnet program for studying the European Union. Also, the events and conditions of the Erasmus+ 2022 competition were announced.

As the deputy head of the European Union in Turkmenistan Renata Wrobel noted in her welcoming speech:

“The global pandemic has shown that education has no boundaries. It is not the first year that we are faced with a situation where many areas of human activity are transferred to a virtual mode, and education copes with this task better than many other areas of activity. The doors of the EU are always open to students and young professionals. In our vision, graduates of our programs, including ECRASMUS+, will find worthy application of their knowledge in their homeland and will make a significant contribution to the development of their countries.”

In Turkmenistan, the national Erasmus+ office was opened in 2014, but work in the field of education has been going on since 1998, when the TEMPUS program was launched, and then in 2008 the Erasmus Mundus program was opened. Since then, dozens of students and young professionals from Turkmenistan have been trained in European universities.

The European Union's Erasmus+ program builds on over 25 years of experience in European education, training and youth programmes. The program is named after the Dutch scientist Erasmus Rotterdam, who lived in the 15th century and won all-European fame for his humanistic views.

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