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What to give the signs of the zodiac for the New Year 2022

What to give the signs of the zodiac for the New Year 2022

What gifts will be relevant for the signs of the Zodiac for the New Year 2022, find out from the horoscope published in the WMJ magazine.


In 2022, Aries will need to gather a team of like-minded people around them. An exciting collective board game will be a wonderful gift for them. Choose the topic yourself, based on the preferences of the person to whom you are going to give. Another good gift would be a piece of clothing, but only if you are in a close relationship with Aries and know about his tastes and preferences.


Taurus next year will be ready to learn new facets of spiritual life. Therefore, a book about a new perception of the world and oneself in it will be a good gift for them. A certificate for visiting a SPA, money in an envelope, something textile for the home - will also work. If you know which perfume your Taurus prefers, then you can do that too.


Gemini in 2022 is likely to become generators of ideas, it is important for them to stay in touch with people in order to share new thoughts, ideas, projects. Therefore, for them, a smartphone or payment for the Internet for six months or a year will be an actual gift. They will also be pleased with something bright and aggressively stimulating - a motivating poster, an agitation poster, but always with subtle humor. You can give them something for home fitness.


It is better for Cancers to give something familiar, something for warmth, because in 2022 they will have to try themselves in something new and unfamiliar, sometimes being outside their comfort zone. A good gift will be something from the sphere of a hobby, something that a particular representative of this zodiac sign is fond of.


Leos will be absorbed in work throughout 2022, so loved ones can think of a gift that will contribute to rest and relaxation. For example, it can be a subscription to an online cinema, resources for creativity - brushes, paints, canvases for those who paint, a new digital program for writing music for composers, etc.


Money in an envelope for Virgos is not the best gift option this time, they will use it extremely irrationally and even to their own detriment. Since Virgos are facing internal changes in 2022, a good gift for them will be items of clothing and accessories, the style of which is different from their usual style. Also in the subject will be gift certificates of those stores where they are used to shopping; stocks of food, teas, sweets; paid communication services, etc.


Doubt will overwhelm Libra in 2022, because of which they will “slip” a little. In this regard, it is better to give them something that will raise their self-esteem, show that you believe in them. It may be a portrait with their image in a higher status than now; spectacular jewelry (not necessarily expensive, just one that cannot be worn without a solemn occasion); what will show: you believe in your representative of this sign, or what will make him “jump over his head” and be convinced of his omnipotence. A good gift for them will be something that is guaranteed to cause them an attack of affection.


In 2022, Scorpios will be carried away by mysticism or deepen their studies of esotericism, and therefore for them something that is a guide to the world of the unknown will be a good gift: a Tarot deck with competent guidance, books on magic and the occult, even a crystal ball. For rational representatives of this sign, money will be a good gift. Or present him with a thing about the benefits of which he has spoken to you more than once with enthusiasm lately.


Sagittarius in 2022 will commit impulsive acts more than once. Therefore, everything that somehow teaches self-control and patience will become a useful gift for them. Such a gift can be thematic literature, board pair or group games that develop these qualities, and even puzzles with a huge number of elements. You can also give them something that requires constant care and attention - from a houseplant to a pet, of course, if your Sagittarius is not on the move.


Capricorns will tend to be creative. In this regard, they can be presented with something that will help preserve their every thought, idea, idea: a dictaphone, a beautiful notebook, a “sclerosis” glider. Something cozy will also be a good gift for them, for example, pajamas, a plaid, a scarf and gloves, a soft fluffy sweater with a high neck, etc. Well, money in an envelope will traditionally please them too, and they will not refuse a grocery basket.


Something solid, demonstrating the growth of their personal, professional or social significance, will be needed by Aquarius in 2022, since they will change their status in some way. A good gift for them will be a monogrammed bag or briefcase, an expensive pen, a tie (and also for a lady), a wrist watch. And so that the gift does not look too pretentious, you can add something funny, comic - but for good luck, what may well become for your the representative of this sign is a talisman for the coming year.


Determination - will be the middle name of Pisces in 2022. Therefore, you can safely give them certificates for some kind of risky entertainment, and an overly avant-garde decoration or element of clothing. A set of flavors of one product, for example, tea, cheese, chocolate, will also be a good gift for them; and the more exotic the better - to expand their gastronomic horizons.

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