Bossan concept has a novelty - a collection of Polish Christmas balls

Bossan concept has a novelty - a collection of Polish Christmas balls

Bossan concept stores have received a new New Year's collection of Christmas balls from the Dagmara brand, Poland.

Made with love and hand-painted, they refer to the origins of the New Year's holiday, childhood memories and an atmosphere of magic. Each toy is a piece product, you will not find the same here.

Glass Christmas balls are made in the best traditions of celebrating Christmas and New Year: different sizes, all kinds of colors - from bright to retro-muted, glossy and matte, ornamented with ligature, rhinestones and sparkles.

The Dagmara brand has existed for over 35 years and specializes in the creation of Christmas and Easter glass decorations. Each glass toy is traditionally blown and decorated by hand, resulting in a unique piece of jewelry with its own story and carefully thought-out motive.

Dagmara Christmas balls are always elegance, style, adherence to tradition and, of course, the anticipation of the holiday. They will take their rightful place on your tree or they will be a wonderful New Year's gift to family and friends.

With the Bossan concept, you will meet the New Year not only stylishly and beautifully, but also in a fabulous magical way!

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