RCC CEO at Turkmentel-2021: "An integrated approach is required for the success of digital transformation"

RCC CEO at Turkmentel-2021: "An integrated approach is required for the success of digital transformation"

Within the framework of the International Conference of Telecommunications, Telemetry and Information Technologies "Turkmentel - 2021", which opened today in Ashgabat, Director General of the Regional Commonwealth in the field of communications (RCC) Nurudin Muhitdinov made a speech.

In his presentation on the topic "The role of the PCC in the implementation of digital transformation of the CIS member states," he noted that today's event in Turkmenistan is taking place in a significant year for the CIS: 30 years of the formation of the Commonwealth of Independent States and the 30th anniversary of the creation of the Regional Commonwealth in the field of communications.

“The purpose of creating the PCC was to carry out activities to promote the development of telecommunications in the region, to form a consolidated position of the PCC member countries in relation to the radio frequency spectrum, the development of electronic and postal communications for its subsequent presentation at key international platforms of the International Telecommunication Union and the Universal Postal Union. For 30 years, our organization has gone through periods of formation, formation, maturation, accumulation of serious experience, and as this experience shows, it continues its further sustainable development", Muhitdinov said.

Briefly highlighting the historical milestones of the creation of the PCC, he spoke about the current guidelines of the PCC in the crisis period for all mankind, the period of the global pandemic, about the strategies of cooperation and information interaction of states.

“In order to accelerate the digital transformation process and achieve success in it, an integrated approach is needed - from active participation and support of the Government, to full immersion in the processes of forming a new infrastructure for all market participants,” the PCC head emphasized.

The issues of the prospects for the development of the ICT market in the CIS in the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals and the interaction of operators in the field of information security were discussed separately.

In conclusion, the speaker noted that the economic well-being of any country today is inextricably linked with the development of digital technologies. Infrastructure of information and communication technologies and the implementation of technical solutions are the most important factors that play a key role in the development, achievement of prosperity and the release of the true economic potential of the country.

To keep pace with the times, it is necessary to actively develop the country's digital economy. To do this, it is necessary to unite all efforts, while expanding international cooperation not only among the CIS countries, but also interacting in terms of implementing joint digital projects and programs and strengthening information security.

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