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Ashgabat public organization “Ýeňme” celebrated its ninth birthday

Ashgabat public organization “Ýeňme” celebrated its ninth birthday

The public organization “Ýeňme” celebrated its ninth birthday with a meeting for volunteers. Volunteers are a key force in helping an organization implement projects to help people.

Among the “Ýeňme” volunteers there are people from different age categories and professions - schoolchildren, students, specialists from various organizations, pensioners.

At the meeting for volunteers, a discussion of the results of the work done, plans for the future took place, proposals for holding youth events were considered. Anyone can be involved in the implementation of the charitable and social activities of “Ýeňme”, it is enough just to have a desire to help people and apply to the organization as a volunteer.

Let us remind you that the public organization “Ýeňme” was established on October 24, 2012. For nine years, the organization has helped many, implemented dozens of projects that are relevant to people, gaining respect and trust from the population. Among the target groups of “Ýeňme” are people with disabilities, the elderly, youth, people in difficult life situations and other categories.

The employees of the organization laid the foundation for many initiatives that are being implemented annually and have become a good tradition. These are inclusive concerts and exhibitions-fairs, photo contests on social topics, events for young people, elderly single people and other categories.

This year, with the support of small grants from UNDP within the framework of the Joint Program of the United Nations and the Government of Turkmenistan on the implementation of a new model of social services at the community level, “Ýeňme” successfully passed the competitive process to pilot new social services at the local level.

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