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Arslanmurad Amanov took part in FIFA online meeting with Arsen Wenger

Arslanmurad Amanov took part in FIFA online meeting with Arsen Wenger

The International Football Federation (FIFA) held a remote meeting with the participation of the captains of the national football teams, according to the official website of the FTF.

During the forum, which was opened by FIFA President Gianni Infantino, consultations were held on FIFA's idea of tightening the frequency of the FIFA World Cup, which currently takes place once every four years.

The captain of the national team of Turkmenistan Arslanmurad Amanov took part in the meeting chaired by the head of the FIFA football development and promotion department, Arsen Wenger.

The meeting discussed the proposals of Arsen Wenger to hold the World Cup every two years. The captains of some national teams supported this idea, some, on the contrary, wished not to change anything and leave everything as it is. In general, each participant in the online discussion, which was of a recommendatory nature, had the opportunity to express his or her opinion.

The captain of the Turkmen national team Amanov, speaking at the meeting, expressed support for the initiative put forward by FIFA. As Amanov noted, holding the World Cup once every two years will provide an opportunity to gain the necessary experience not only for the players of the national teams, but also for the youth.

The meeting was also attended by eminent footballers such as the former German national team player Sami Hedira.

Recall that in May 2021 it became known that FIFA intends to consider the option of holding the World Cup every two years. The proposal was supported by 166 federations. In total, FIFA includes 211 associations. That is, 166 is more than two-thirds.

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