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Hazar Logistik: qualified employees are the basis of the company's fruitful work

Hazar Logistik: qualified employees are the basis of the company's fruitful work

A promising and dynamically developing company, Hazar Logistik pays great attention to the qualifications of its staff.

According to the company managers, the main criteria for personnel selection are the availability of education and work experience in the field of logistics. At present, the company employs about 50 people in total.

Working at Hazar Logistik is the opportunity for employees to improve their qualifications by accumulating work experience. To create conditions for comfortable and fruitful work, the company provides its staff with permanent Internet access, an individual workplace with a computer, and all necessary office equipment and stationery.

According to Hazar Logistik’s managers, for successful work in the logistics sector, employees must possess such qualities as dedication, responsibility, ability to work in a team, and show initiative by making suggestions for a collective discussion.

Hazar Logistik has established itself as one of the most reliable partners in providing logistic services in Turkmenistan. The company carries out intercity and international railway transportation with the necessary special equipment for loading and unloading operations. Hazar Logistik also offers services for the registration of documents, cargo delivery from the railway station to the recipient's warehouse, cargo insurance, etc.

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