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Overview of the City Business School in Turkmenistan in July

Overview of the City Business School in Turkmenistan in July

The City Business School in Turkmenistan regularly contributes to the development of the private sector of the country by holding interesting and useful educational and informational events. There were a lot of them during July, and in a short review we will highlight the main ones.

On July 13, a sales seminar was held on the territory of the official representative office of City Business School in Turkmenistan, which was conducted by Ella Allaberdieva and Jeren Sabirova. They shared their experiences and different techniques for successful sales with the participants. We worked with the participants on the most frequently used objections of customers and helped to determine each personal vector of movement on the way to successful sales. The seminar was attended by over 20 people, including business owners, salespeople, managers and sales consultants.

On July 15, a free master class “Hot Air Balloon Flight” was held under the guidance of a national business consultant and an experienced trainer - Andrey Skopov. This event was attended by business leaders who were faced with the question of increasing the productivity of their team.

This evening, the participants learned:

  • identify group cohesion or lack thereof;
  • diagnose relationships in the group (sympathy, antipathy);
  • identify the personal qualities of employees that may be hidden in their daily work;
  • determine the presence of leaders and their character.

Everyone actively participated in the organized interactive game. At the end of the event, the speaker received a lot of positive feedback.

On July 29, a business breakfast was held, which was organized by the official representatives of City Business School in Turkmenistan. The meeting “without ties” was devoted to the sore subject: “Personnel turnover and ways to prevent it”, where the main speakers were the national business consultant Andrey Skopov and the director of the City Business School franchise in Turkmenistan Jamila Kerimova.

Any manager was faced with the problem of motivation and the wrong construction of a strategy to retain staff. Therefore, each of the invited guests, over a cup of fragrant tea, actively participated in the discussion of this issue and proposed their own solutions. At the end of the event, positive feedback was received, because the business breakfast is a great start to the day for specialists in different fields. Here you can not only find out a lot of useful information on how to effectively develop your business, but also expand the circle of useful acquaintances, meet potential clients and partners.

In the future, City Business School representatives will try to cover their most memorable business events of the month on a monthly basis.

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