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Polina Guryeva's mom named the expected medal of the athlete at the Tokyo Olympics

Polina Guryeva's mom named the expected medal of the athlete at the Tokyo Olympics

The family of the Turkmen athlete Polina Guryeva, who won the silver medal of the Tokyo Olympic Games in the weightlifting competition in the weight category up to 59 kg, was not surprised by the athlete's victory, as she was expecting her. Svetlana Guryeva, the mother of the Olympic medalist, told the Orient website about this on Tuesday.

"Yes, sure. She herself told me so before leaving: “Mom, I won't come without a medal! The medal will be mine!” And she achieved it! You can't even imagine what happiness, pride and many other emotions I have now! ” Svetlana Guryeva said, answering the question whether her daughter's medal was expected.

Polina Guryeva brought the first ever Olympic medal to the national team of Turkmenistan. Svetlana learned about the victory of her daughter from the Internet.

“Emotions are overwhelming! She has won such a special medal, such a long-awaited award. We can say that this is a gift to the Motherland on Independence Day. I followed the results on the Internet, when I realized I was just shocked! I told my neighbors and acquaintances right away that it was impossible to keep such joy in oneself. At that moment my son was with me - Polina's older brother, he is also very happy for her! ”, - said Svetlana Guryeva.

Svetlana Guryeva said that she has not yet been able to communicate with Polina personally, and she wants to convey that she is very proud of her.

“I'm so proud of you, Polina! Words cannot convey my feelings. I would like to wish you success, good luck and health! And to go to the next Olympics and win another medal! "

Polina Guryeva is 21 years old, she is from Ashgabat. The weightlifter has been actively involved in sports since 2011. At first, she attended the gymnastics section, after which she joined weightlifting. She learned the “basics” of this difficult sport for the fair sex with her first coach Ahmed Sariyev, under whose leadership she won a gold medal at the IV Islamic Solidarity Games held in 2017 in Baku. Currently, P.Guryeva is training at the school of higher sports skills of Turkmenistan with the head coach of the national team Artur Emiryan.

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