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This week in Turkmenistan promises to be not very hot

This week in Turkmenistan promises to be not very hot

This week, Turkmen people will be able to take a break from the scorching summer heat: the air temperature “promises” not to exceed 38 degrees during the day. And what about our hot and dry summer 38°? It's almost cool!

Thus, during the week, according to forecasts of weather forecasters, the air temperature will fluctuate from 33° to 38° in the afternoon, in the morning the wind from the north and northeast will bring coolness and ease the hot weather during the day. In the evenings, you can exercise without sweating and fanning yourself.

The night temperature will not exceed 25°, although in Balkan velayat at night it is possible up to 31°.

Despite the fact that the air temperature will be relatively moderate, a very high UV index is predicted during the daytime, so nobody canceled a bottle of water, sunglasses, an umbrella or a hat!

We wish you all good health and good summer days!

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