Open heart surgery on a child successfully performed in Turkmenistan

Open heart surgery on a child successfully performed in Turkmenistan

A successful open heart surgery was performed on a child aged 2 years and 7 months in Turkmenistan. Atrial septal defect plastic surgery in conditions of artificial circulation was carried out by cardiologists of the Ashgabat International Cardiology Center together with specialists from the Scientific and Clinical Center for Maternal and Child Health Protection, the “Vatan” news program of Turkmen television reported today.

In accordance with the report, before the operation, doctors, using the capabilities of digital medicine, held a series of consultations with the head of the clinic for cardiac surgery at the University of Friedrich-Alexander Erlangen-Nuremberg (Germany).

According to the doctors and the child's mother, the baby's condition is satisfactory, and is currently undergoing planned postoperative rehabilitation. The kid was transferred from intensive care to a regular ward. In the future, the child will be under the supervision of a cardiologist of the Center and receive subsequent outpatient treatment from a family doctor at the place of residence.

Reportedly, if the follow-up examination is satisfactory, it is possible that the baby will be assigned to the group of healthy children.

Atrial septal defect (ASD) is a congenital heart defect in which there is an opening in the septum separating the right and left atrium. Through it, blood is dumped from left to right, as a result of which irreversible changes may occur in organs such as the lungs, heart and liver. Opening surgery is the only treatment for an atrial septal defect.

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