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An exhibition dedicated to the Week of Culture of Turkmenistan opened in Dashoguz

An exhibition dedicated to the Week of Culture of Turkmenistan opened in Dashoguz

A new thematic exhibition entitled “Culture is the soul of the people” dedicated to the upcoming Week of Culture, which will be held in Lebap velayat, as well as the Day of Culture, Art and Poetry Workers of Mahtumkuli Fragi, was presented at the Museum of Local History of Dashoguz velayat. This was reported in the “Neutral Turkmenistan” newspaper.

The exhibition presents paintings by local artists, which depict famous bahshis, storytellers of epic works, preachers of folk wisdom: Nazar-baga, Ilaman Annayev, Magtymguly Garlyev, renowned musician, virtuoso performer of folk melodies on gidjak Sapar Bekiev.

The musical heritage of these wonderful singers and musicians entered the “golden fund” of the national culture and is an inexhaustible source of inspiration for the current generation of folk art masters.

Subject pictures, picturesque canvases of various genres and compositional solutions are distinguished by artistic expressiveness, bright national flavor, individual creative style.

There is also an exhibition of decorative and applied products: antique copper jugs, ceramic beads, vases made of colorful woolen threads.

Separately, there is a bust of the legendary patron saint of bahshi and musicians Ashyk Aydin Pir, who glorified the Turkmen destan - an invaluable cultural heritage of the Turkmen people. There is also a sculptural portrait of the national bahshi of Turkmenistan, the famous singer and musician Magtymguly Garlyev, who possessed a rare creative gift.

The exposition is complemented by other original museum exhibits of historical, cultural and scientific value, reflecting the unique spiritual heritage, traditions of the national culture of the Turkmen people.

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