Presentation of the new brand “Victory” of the garment factory “Ýeňiş”

Presentation of the new brand “Victory” of the garment factory “Ýeňiş”

At the exhibition held at the end of May in the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Turkmenistan, on the occasion of the Day of Turkmen Carpet, representatives of the “Ýeňiş” Garment Factory of Mary velayat demonstrated a new brand “Victory”.

The new shirts are made of high-quality materials, modern in their color and spacious in their style, they are distinguished by their competitiveness in world markets. According to a factory representative, the new “Victory” brand will soon be exported to world markets. This is another clear confirmation that the products manufactured at the “Ýeňiş” Garment Factory comply with international standards.

At present, the main products of the “Ýeňiş” sewing factory in Mary velayat are men's and children's shirts, which for several years have been one of the leaders in the domestic market in terms of the quality of products.

For sewing shirts, natural materials are used: cotton fabric, cotton with silk, as well as mixed fabrics, which include 80% cotton, 20% polyester; the “Ýeňiş” trademark presents to the public classic, with a slanting cut, fitted silhouettes, styles with long and short sleeves.

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