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Exhibition “Indestructible Foundations of Power” opened in Ashgabat Museum

Exhibition “Indestructible Foundations of Power” opened in Ashgabat Museum

Today in the State Museum of the State Cultural Center of Turkmenistan opened the exhibition “Indestructible Foundations of Power’, dedicated to the Day of the Constitution and the State Flag of Turkmenistan.

The festive exhibition demonstrates the history of the emergence of state symbols of Turkmenistan, presenting exhibits from the museum's storerooms.

Moreover, here you can see the images of the flags of the states founded by the Turkmens, namely, the flag of the great state of the Hans of the Oguz Turkmens, the Turkmen Garahanly, the Turkmens of the Gaznevids, the Great Turkmens of the Seljuk, the Kunyaurgench Turkmens, the Turkmens of the Eyyup, the Turkmens of the Mamluks, the Ottoman Turkmens, Garagoyunly and Akgoyunly Turkmens, the Sefevid Turkmens, the state of Avshar Turkmen, according to a press release from the museum.

The books of the President of Turkmenistan are presented in a separate exposition.

Among the exhibits are photographs showing the celebrations in honor of the Flag Day, paintings by famous artists, jewelry compositions.

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