Belet Video relaunched and became free

Belet Video relaunched and became free

The specialists of the company JAN Tehnologiýa, who created the mobile application Belet Video, continued to work on its improvement. A new feature is the intelligent search system - now it is easier and more intuitive to search for the desired movie, video or channel (intelligent search is an improved type of search engine operation when you find it difficult to formulate a specific question or do not know for sure what exactly you need. The result is given, by keywords).

Moreover, from now on, the Belet Video app became free (previously, a monthly subscription to it cost 10 manat, you could pay through the payment card “Altyn Asyr”).

Belet Video (similar to YouTube) allows you to view the most diverse video content over the Internet: from feature and animated films and TV series to scientific and educational programs.

News, cooking, and music channels are also available.

The application is available for Android systems and you can download it in Google Play or by following the link (you must also download the auxiliary elements). Registration is carried out through a Google account.

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BepToleT ( 10.05.2021 )

Кто нибудь объяснит зачем оно нужно? Если есть Ютюб?