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Detailed analysis of the capabilities of the “Belet Video” application

Detailed analysis of the capabilities of the “Belet Video” application

The developers of “JAN Technologiya”  company specially for Turkmen users created mobile application  “Belet Video”, a sort of analogue of YouTube. The app permits to watch online specially chosen videos, multiplication and feature films, different shows, news, gaming, music or culinary channels. 


Currently “Belet Video” is available for Android systems and can be downloaded via  Play Market, and in future the development for IOS systems is also planned. 


After installation of the application it is necessary to register by using your mobile number and it will become your account. At the bottom of the screen there is a plate with links to the home page, channel list, browsing history and account. Interface of the app by something reminds YouTube, but not overstuffed. 

On the main page the user is proposed with recommended videos from subscribed channels and the videos from frequently watched channels.  “Search” function for rapid search of necessary video is available.

In section “List of channels” it is possible to look through all currently available channels. You can subscribe for each channel, or just watch videos with subscribing. Channels for children with cartoons, channels for watching action movies, melodramas, music, sport, educational, humor, news and many other things. 

In “History of views” it is possible to look through videos, watched by the user. 

In “Account” section the information regarding balance is shown, also with the possibility to refill it, and for failure recovery of the app there is a button “Restart”.

It is also should be mentioned that there is 24/7 technical support is available. You can ask a question, make a wish about uploading a new video, consult or complain at the phone numbers indicated in the “Account” section or by the Chats Up messenger.


The first week you can use the application for free, then the subscription fee is 10 manat per month.  You can pay directly from your phone.  In order to do this, you need to log into your account, where your balance will be displayed, and click “Refill”.  You will be prompted to pay from “Altyn Asyr” card or from a TM Cell account. 

If you choose payment from “Altyn Asyr” card it is necessary to write the number of your card and approve the card holder's name. The payment amount - 10 manats is already indicated. Now the service is available only from “Altyn Asyr” cards, but developers are also planning to add “Milli Card” from the State bank for foreign economic affairs of Turkmenistan. 


If you select a TM Cell account as payment, you will need to download “Saray” application to your phone (the link to it can be found in the “Payment” section, right under the link to the bank card), open the application and click “Online Payment”.

Then a list will come out, at the very bottom select “Belet Video” You need to indicate your mobile number and the amount of payment, then click on “Payment from my TM Cell account”. Another payment method is through “Mango” terminals, with the help of street mobile payment terminals, providing a detailed service.

It should be noted that the state of the user's account balance refers only to the application itself, that is, it has nothing to do with TM Cell and no money will be automatically withdrawn from TM Cell for using the application. But I must also say that when using the mobile Internet, the operator will charge a separate fee for the spent traffic for video views.

If you top up the balance of the application for more than 10 manats, then the monthly fee will be automatically debited. 

To date, the application has 20,000 users and more than 300,000 views. The application's video base includes 1.2 million videos, and their number is updated daily.

This application will especially appeal to children, housewives and even retirees, as well as those who want to spend time with benefit watching educational videos or pumping their skills.

More detailed information is available on the  link.

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Turkmenstyle ( 04.02.2021 )

"Видео база приложения насчитывает 1 200 000 тысяч видео..." Извините, а 1 200 000 тысяч это сколько?)

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