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Special helicopter purchased in Russia arrives in Turkmenistan

Special helicopter purchased in Russia arrives in Turkmenistan

An ANSAT medical helicopter, purchased in Russia, has arrived in Turkmenistan to provide emergency ambulance services. President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov got acquainted with the new equipment of medical aviation, which was produced by the Kazan Helicopter Plant (Republic of Tatarstan of the Russian Federation) by order of the agency “Turkmen Airlines”. The examination took place at the helipad of medical institutions located in the south of the capital, the State News Agency of Turkmenistan reports.

Reporting on the main technical characteristics of the helicopter, the Minister of Health and Medical Industry Nurmuhammet Amannepesov noted that the rotary-winged ambulance is intended to provide urgent medical care in urban settings, to promptly transport patients to specialized clinics.

The helicopter is equipped with modern equipment, which makes it possible to provide first medical and emergency medical assistance directly on the spot, including to injured citizens, including resuscitation and intensive care. With the help of special sensors, parameters such as an electrocardiogram, oxygen and carbon dioxide content in the body, blood pressure, temperature, etc. are displayed on the monitor display.

The “ANSAT” medical module is equipped with a digital defibrillator that automatically analyzes the heart rhythm and, if necessary, automatically restarts it.

There is also a ventilator, or, as it is sometimes called, an “artificial respiration” apparatus. It should be noted the versatility of this high-tech equipment used in cardiopulmonary resuscitation, including for adults, children and newborns. After entering the age of the patient, this equipment begins to automatically deliver oxygen.

Among the special portable devices is a drainage aspirator, the advantage of which is the possibility of its direct connection to on-board medical equipment. This greatly facilitates the work of doctors, allowing them, without wasting time, to provide the patient with appropriate assistance.

In addition, the helicopter has an emergency intubation kit that can help stabilize respiratory function.

Various types of splints are also necessary for doctors, which are used to ensure immobility of a person in case of injury to the spine, neck, arms or legs.

There are various types of stretchers in the medical compartment.

The helicopter is also provided with boxes for cooling and heating medicines, various first-aid kits, glucometers, pulsoximeters, various instruments, equipment for patients with burns, and other consumables.

Due to its flight and technical characteristics, the “ANSAT” helicopter is capable of performing emergency missions in difficult conditions.

The maximum speed of the helicopter is 275 km per hour, the flight range is 510 km, additional equipment for landing allows it to land in mountainous, sandy and desert areas, as well as in hard-to-reach places. All this is a distinctive feature of this model from the helicopters already available in our country.

After hearing the reports of the principles, the head of state instructed the chairman of the Turkmen Airlines agency Dovran Saburov and the minister of health and medical industry Nurmuhammet Amannepesov to study the possibility of purchasing such equipment for the country's velayats after an appropriate check.

The President of Turkmenistan also ordered, if necessary, to use helicopters in the work of the State Commission for Emergency Situations.

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