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The President of Turkmenistan got acquainted with the construction progress of a number of facilities in Ashgabat

The President of Turkmenistan got acquainted with the construction progress of a number of facilities in Ashgabat

Today, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov made a working trip, during which he got acquainted with the situation in the southern part of the capital where construction of business and social facilities is carried out at this time, the State News Agency of Turkmenistan reports.

In the morning, the head of state arrived in the southern part of the white marble Ashgabat, where the construction of mud stream diversion channels and drainage structures is underway.

Vice-premier Sh.Durdyliev reported on the progress of work at the construction site of mud stream protection facilities, practical steps being taken to improve the territory where the sculpture of Mahtumkuli Fragi, the great thinker of the East, would be installed, and also presented a number of relevant projects and drafts.

Having familiarized himself with the projects and drafts in detail, Head of State Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov made a number of comments and made appropriate adjustments. As the President of the country noted, the arrangement of the territory adjacent to the sculpture of Mahtumkuli Fragi, who became famous in the world for his magnificent works calling for friendship, courage, love for the Motherland, should reflect the latest architectural trends.

- When designing facilities, one should take into account modern practice, features of national architecture and the landscape of the area, as well as environmental aspects, so that they form a single harmony with the nature of the Kopetdag, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov continued, addressing Vice-premier Sh.Durdyliev, Minister of Construction and Architecture R. Gandymov, to the hyakim of Ashgabat Ya. Gylyjov specific instructions.

This year, passing under the slogan “Turkmenistan is the Motherland of Peace and Trust”, is marked by the 30th anniversary of sacred independence and the 140th anniversary of Ashgabat, the head of state noted, focusing on the fact that the work should be carried out in line with the preparation for these significant dates.

Focusing on the issues of landscaping and site finising of the territory where the sculpture will be installed, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov ordered to monitor the maintenance of cleanliness and the level of ecological well-being in these places.

“Ashgabat at different periods of its history inspired cultural figures, singers and composers to create new works,” said the leader of the nation, noting the expediency of creating in this corner of the city - in the foothills of Gindivar - the Mahtumkuli Fragi complex for creative workers.

Concentrating the attention on the construction work carried out on the southern outskirts of Ashgabat, as well as throughout the country, the head of state emphasized that great importance should be attached to the design of external facades and the internal interior of buildings, the formation of the appropriate infrastructure of the adjacent territories, and the modernization of the local lighting system. In this context, the President of the country instructed to keep in sight the implementation of the tasks outlined in this direction.

The main requirement is the use of high-quality finishing materials, in design - a unique color scheme inherent in the national color, the head of Turkmenistan noted.

At present time, the construction of mud stream diversion channels and water collectors with the use of powerful equipment is also underway at an intensive pace. Along with this, natural mud stream diversion channels passing through the local area are being reconstructed and modernized.

The construction of mud stream diversion channels with a total length of about 52 kilometers continues, as well as the reconstruction of natural mudflow channels, which will be brought up in the north to the Karakum River. Mud stream and rain waters along a single channel will flow into the channel towards the Turkmen lake “Altyn asyr”.
It should be noted that the construction of the complex and the improvement of the adjacent territory have been entrusted to “Vozrozhdenie” JSV” AO of the Russian Federation. At the moment, 900 pieces of equipment are involved in construction work, 100 of which belong to the party carrying out the construction, and 800 - to individuals in our country.

“The descent of mudflows from the foothills of the Kopetdag into the Turkmen Lake “Altyn asyr” located in the Karakum Desert through the canal leading to the lake is of great importance,” Berdimuhamedov said, giving specific instructions to the relevant leaders.

Then the head of state was presented with drafts and drawings of mud stream channels, water collectors located along them, routes of the channels, as well as the area on which the road and railway bridges are planned, and the layouts of water pumping complexes.

Vice-premier Sh. Durdyliev reported in detail that along the mud stream diversion channels there are large-volume reservoirs designed for crushing impurities, filtering and obtaining clean water. The work is carried out taking into account the best practices, domestic scientists apply scientifically based solutions. Along the mud stream diversion channels, a total of about 10 water collectors have been built.

The head of state noted that priority should be given to the construction of mud stream protection facilities in the south of Ashgabat, including bringing natural channels into proper operational condition. In this matter, this process should be guided by the centuries-old experience of our people, the leader of the nation stressed.

“Efforts should be made to solve problems related to the improvement and ensuring environmental well-being in the capital and its suburbs. It is important to ensure that the buildings erected on the outskirts of the capital, where the business and social center is being formed, represent a single interconnected system,” the President of Turkmenistan said, addressing the relevant leaders with specific instructions in this regard.

Further, the Minister of Construction and Architecture R. Gandymov reported on the state of affairs at the construction site of mud stream protection facilities, their location and capacity of water pumps that are planned to be installed.

Moreover, hyakim of Ashgabat Ya. Gylyjov reported on the ongoing comprehensive improvement, in particular, the practical steps taken within the framework of the implementation of the environmental strategy to create an optimal climate in this corner of the capital.

The head of state stressed that in the design and construction of facilities, especially mud stream diversion channels, the main emphasis should be on quality, scientifically based approaches to ensure their durability.

In this context, great importance is attached to the implementation of the project for the construction of the Turkmen lake “Altyn asyr”, designed to collect drainage water from irrigated lands of all velayats of the country, mud stream and rain waters. This is intended to contribute to the formation of favorable conditions for the development of animal husbandry in the Karakum Desert, in particular, sheep breeding, the expansion of pasture areas, as well as aquaculture.

It was emphasized that the creation of the Turkmen lake “Altyn asyr” will have a positive effect on increasing the population of fauna and flora. There are 38 species of fish in the water area of the Turkmen Lake, which indicates the prospects for the development of fish farming.

Along with this, large-scale work continues on the efficient use of water resources, adaptation to climate changes, preservation of biological diversity and nature, combating desertification and soil degradation, forming forest zones, improving the environmental situation in populated areas, the head of state noted.

“At the same time, work should be effectively continued to expand water channels, increase their throughput, as well as build the necessary drainage systems to regulate the flow of water, water facilities and bridges,” said President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov, ordering to thoughtfully apply the achievements of world practice and scientifically grounded approaches and methods for the construction of such important structures.

In conclusion, having addressed relative officials with certain instructions to ensure unrelenting control over the ongoing work, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov wished them success and left the place of event.

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