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Turkmen enterprise “Miweli ulke” expands the range of coffee products

Turkmen enterprise “Miweli ulke” expands the range of coffee products

It has become a habit for many of us to start our day with coffee. What could be more pleasant than its invigorating aroma!

The trade brand “Hoshwagt” with various flavors of coffee from IE “Miweli ulke” quickly fell in love with the residents and guests of our country. But five years ago the company produced only four types of this popular drink.

Today, various types of coffee “Hoshwagt” can be found in all stores in our country, it easily competes with imported coffee both in price and quality.

Such coffee products as “Berk”, “Suytli”, “Tokay hozy tagamly”, “Kapuchino” very quickly were able to replace imported goods, and even become export-oriented. The hot chocolate line “Gyzgyn şokolady” and “Gold” can also be called successful.

The popularity of the products of the private enterprise "Miweli ulke", operating under the motto “Delight from nature, quality from us”, is growing every year. This is also evidenced by the export of its products to countries such as Afghanistan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, the United Arab Emirates and Russia.

Also, the assortment of “Hoshwagt” branded products includes corn sticks, seeds, sugar and chips. All products of the company are ISO and HALAL certified.

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