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“Sinalco” New Year's Eve Prize Promotion nearing end

“Sinalco” New Year's Eve Prize Promotion nearing end

The pre-holiday prize lottery, organized by Sinalco on the eve of the New Year, continues, and the first lucky ones have already appeared who have become owners of valuable prizes. Thus, Bahtiyar Ashyrov, a 9-year-old resident of the capital's Choganly district, won “Gorenje” washing machine, and a resident of Annau, Yusup Tachmyradov, won  “Neos” brand TV.

A lot of smaller prizes were also raffled off: vacuum cleaners, hair dryers, T-shirts, towels, mugs with the “Sinalco” logo.

“Sinalco” reminds that the action is nearing completion and encourages the residents of our country to have time to take part in the drawing and try their luck, or simply to please themselves and loved ones with the bright sunny taste of these drinks.

Earlier we wrote that at the beginning of December, the company “Mahmal Zip”, which produces drinks of the “Sinalco” brand, announced a New Year campaign with a drawing of prizes. To take part in the drawing, you must collect three red caps from any “Sinalco” drinks and exchange them for a special scratch card. By deleting the corresponding strip on it, you can win a variety of prizes.

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