The XIII International conference "Türkmentel-2020" has finished its work

The XIII International conference "Türkmentel-2020" has finished its work

Today, the XIII International conference "Türkmentel-2020" has finished its work.

The 3rd and 4th sessions of the conference were held today.

At the third session, the issues of building a unified national communication network were considered. In this context, the speakers spoke about the trends in the development of fixed and mobile communications and market dynamics, with an emphasis on ultra-fast, fiber-optic broadband and 5G networks.

Led the session Jay ‐Pi Takala is the technical Director for the Eastern Europe and Central Asia Region of Nokia, which also sponsored this session.

​The speakers of the fourth session "Digitalization and globalization of communications and the growing importance of cybersecurity and data protection" discussed issues of infrastructure investment and exchange of operational data on threats, international standards and legal framework, cyber literacy and investment in human capital.

The session was chaired by Ortvin Maer, Director for Eastern Europe and emerging markets, NTT DATA Romania S. A. and CEO of NTT DATA Turkmenistan. NTT DATA was the sponsor of this session.

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