Seasonal flu vaccination continues in Turkmenistan

Seasonal flu vaccination continues in Turkmenistan

Seasonal influenza epidemics continue to pose a significant threat to public health, leading to a significant increase in the incidence of diseases in different countries of the world every year, due to the ability of influenza to suppress the body's immune responses and increase the severity of chronic diseases, causing their decompensation.

The most effective way to prevent mass outbreaks of infectious and viral diseases is immunization. Scientists have proven that immunization saves millions of lives every year. In addition, it helps prevent various diseases that are dangerous to human health and can even lead to disability.

To vaccinate in Turkmenistan in the House of health by place of residence, in the Center of public health and nutrition in Ashgabat, as well as in medical institutions of the regions licensed to vaccination, said the lecturer at the Department of hygiene and food GMAT Agayunus Muradov in an interview with the newspaper "Neutral Turkmenistan".

It is important to know that the flu virus is insidious, mutates and develops. A new vaccine is produce every year to protect the body during the upcoming flu season. Annual vaccination strengthens the immune system, significantly reduces the risk of disease, and protects against the development of flu complications.

The flu vaccine administered once intramuscularly in the upper third of the outer surface of the shoulder (deltoid muscle) in a volume of 0.5 ml (1 dose).

Depending on the administration of certain drugs, the body acquires artificial active or passive immunity for a long time. The duration of the created immunity allows you to carry out vaccinations in advance and for a number of infections outside of the season, throughout the year.

Flu vaccination is the most strategically justified way to protect against the flu — it is safe, harmless and effective. Flu vaccination can and should considered as a means of preventing complications. There is no real alternative to vaccination in the fight against influenza. The world health organization encourages initiatives to raise awareness among health workers and the public about influenza and flu vaccination, including setting national targets for immunization programs.

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