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Turkmen athletes became medalists of the world wrestling championship Koresh-2020

Turkmen athletes became medalists of the world wrestling championship Koresh-2020

In early October, Kazan hosted the final matches of the Koresh world belt wrestling championship, the press service of the Koresh Federation of Russia reports.

More than 130 athletes from 26 countries determined the winners in ten weight categories. The strongest in the championship were traditionally representatives of Russia, who won in all ten "weights".

The bronze medal in various weight categories was won by athletes from Turkmenistan: Emirhan Esenov (65 kg), Serdar Sapargeldiyev (70 kg), Mekan Serdarov (100 kg) and Begli Hudaynazanov (130+ kg). Silver medal — in the asset of Novruz Kakaliev (75 kg).

The tournament qualification was held in Moscow on October 1, and preliminary matches were held on October 2 and 3 in Kazan at the universal sports complex of the rowing sports center at the Volga region Academy of sports. The finals were held on October 3 at the specialized site of the Kazan-ring circuit.

Koresh wrestling originated in the X century and gained popularity among the Turkic peoples. Holding the final matches in an open area is a tribute to the traditions of sports with a thousand – year history, which originated on national holidays, where national heroes – "batyrs" competed in the open air.

Results of competitions with participation of athletes from Turkmenistan

Weight category 65 kg

3rd place:
Choi Andrey (Korea)

Esenov Emirhan (Turkmenistan)

2nd place:
Ishonov Muhsan (Tajikistan)

1st place:
Murtazin Iskander (Russia)

Weight category 70 kg

3rd place: 
Sapargeldiev Serdar (Turkmenistan)
Kubatbek Ulu (Kyrgystan)

2nd place:
Pentu Wilden (Angola)

1st place:
Karimullin Dinar (Russia)

Weight category 75 kg

3rd place:
Salikhov Shokhrukh (Tajikistan)
Abdullayev Asman (Azerbaijan)

2nd place:
Kakaliev nuruz (Turkmenistan)

1st place:
Artur Zulkarnaev (Russia)

Weight category 100 kg

3rd place:
Serdarov Mekan (Turkmenistan) 
Valektir Nikita (Kazakhstan)

2nd place: 
Nikolay Afonichev (Ukraine)

Nurgaliev Rail (Russia)

Weight category 130+ kg

3rd place: 
Hudaynazanov Begli (Turkmenistan)

2nd place:
Mutalimov Marid (Kazakhstan)

1st place: 
Sergey Pavlik (Russia)

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