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Turkmenistan organized the return of its citizens from Belarus

Turkmenistan organized the return of its citizens from Belarus

A Boeing 737-800 plane from Turkmenistan airlines landed at the Turkmenabat international airport this evening from Minsk.

A special flight T5784 delivered from Belarus more than 100 citizens of Turkmenistan who were forced to stay in this country after the termination of air traffic due to the coronavirus pandemic.

We remind that the gradual export of Turkmen citizens to their homeland by planes of "Turkmen airlines" is carried out on behalf of the head of state Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov.

According to the recommendations of the world health organization, all arriving citizens will undergo a mandatory two - week quarantine.

Turkmenistan continues to organize the export of its citizens abroad. The government of Turkmenistan has organized Charter flights to Turkmenabat international airport from Turkey, Russia, Belarus and India to return its citizens who were unable to return earlier due to the outbreak of the pandemic. 120 compatriots returned to their Homeland by land from Uzbekistan.

Special flights from other Asian and European countries will be organized in the near future.

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