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Turkmenistan participated in an online seminar on WTO accession as an observer

Turkmenistan participated in an online seminar on WTO accession as an observer

Today, the fifth session of the online seminar on the accession of countries to the world trade organization (WTO) was held, the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Turkmenistan reports.

The seminar was attended by representatives of relevant departments and organizations of the public and private sectors, scientists from participating countries and observers of the WTO.

Turkmenistan was represented by Deputy Foreign Minister Vepa Hadjiev. 

This session is dedicated to the process of accession to the WTO of the Eurasian countries by exchanging information, recommendations and expectations of parties that have expressed their intention to join the WTO as a member or observer.

V. Hadjiev outlined the position of Turkmenistan, which intends to join the WTO as an observer, and informed about the extensive preparatory work done in the country to study this issue. Participation in the WTO as an observer contributes to the country's integration into international economic structures, attracting foreign investment, and ensuring guarantees and transparency for investors and trade partners.

During the seminar, a number of issues related to the procedure for joining the world trade organization were discussed, and an exchange of views and recommendations on further cooperation was held.

The world trade organization (WTO) is responsible for developing and implementing new trade agreements, as well as monitoring compliance by its members with treaties signed by many countries around the world and ratified by their parliaments.

In order to study issues related to Turkmenistan's accession to this international structure, a special Government Commission was established in July 2019 on behalf of the head of state. As a result of its meetings, as well as consultations with representatives of the above-mentioned organization and international experts, it was stated that our country's participation in the WTO as an observer as a first step will create optimal opportunities for the modernization of the national economy.

On May 15, the President of Turkmenistan signed a Decree "on Turkmenistan's accession to the world trade organization as an observer", approving the proposal of the Government Commission for the study of issues related to Turkmenistan's membership in the WTO to join the organization as an observer.

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