Licorice roots are being extracted in Turkmenistan

Licorice roots are being extracted in Turkmenistan

In the Amu Darya floodplain, licorice root harvesting continues on licorice plantations, the Neutral Turkmenistan newspaper reports.

Licorice naked, or Buyan-a perennial herbaceous plant of the legume family-forms thickets near the Amu Darya and Syr Darya, the root of the plant is equated with ginseng for its useful properties. As you know, Turkmen liquorice, which contains a large number of valuable trace elements, is considered one of the best in the world in terms of quality and consumer properties.

The season started in March and will continue until November, supplying fresh raw materials to the processing shops of the Turkmenabat agro-industrial complex "Buyan". The Buyan agro-industrial complex has implemented a set of measures aimed at improving the quality of products and modernizing production based on innovative technologies.

To support the export of precious raw materials, a modern plant for processing part of the obtained root into dry extract was put into operation in 2008 in Turkmenabat. Thick and dry extracts based on it are in great demand abroad, as evidenced by the results of trading on the Commodity exchange of Turkmenistan. The Turkmen product is sent to China, Russia, USA, France, Great Britain, India, Serbia.

Last year, more than 54 thousand tons of licorice root were collected. The plant's employees plan to increase the production of valuable raw materials this season, as well as export of refined compressed root and its semi-finished products.

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