The company "Turkmen-Transit" presented a new project “Zehin”

The company "Turkmen-Transit" presented a new project “Zehin”

During the recent exhibition of the Union of Industrialists and entrepreneurs of Turkmenistan in the pavilion of the enterprise "Turkmen-Transit", a number of projects were presented, including the creation of websites,"smart city","smart terminal", as well as for young people "Zehin". A company spokesman Dawood Durdyev said "Turkmenpochta" about the company's achievements over the past time.

– First, a few words about the company "Turkmen-Transit". It was established and registered in Turkmenistan in 2010 to implement the idea of creating a high-tech company working in the field of information technology and telecommunications.

"Turkmen-Transit" is a system integrator and carries out complex deliveries and implementation of equipment from leading world manufacturers. The company's specialists provide an integrated solution according to the terms of reference and the necessary working advice. The company fully supports its warranty obligations and supplies equipment in the shortest possible time and at the best prices. Keeping up with the times, the company "Turkmen-Transit" is constantly increasing its potential and expanding the scope of its activities.

At the exhibition, our company presented, in addition to those areas that have been operating for more than 8 years, Internet portals, web pages, and mobile applications. The direction of 2019 is cybersecurity,as well as new directions - a smart solution for smart homes, electronic document management and electronic office.

Another new direction that was presented at the exhibition is a project called "Zehin". "Zehin" is the territory of talented youth. Keeping up with the times and implementing the presidential program of the country's digitalization concept, our company, along with ongoing projects, conducts a number of events throughout the territory of Turkmenistan, including conferences called "Digital Transformation". The new project, conferences, presentations "Digital Transformation" imply the implementation of IT projects in the regions of Turkmenistan. This is an advertisement of information technologies for entrepreneurs, state organizations, and future IT specialists in the velayats of our country.

The "Zehin" project with the slogan "Together in an innovative future" involves four areas of implementation in the company "Turkmen Transit". The first direction is the possibility of internships for future IT specialists in our country. The second direction is the possibility of creating a new product, a new generation associated with innovative developments. This is a multidirectional sphere. There may be software that covers all areas of our country's economy – oil and gas, agriculture, transport, construction and other areas, as well as development with auto applications.

The third direction of the company is related to the creation of free economic IT zones in the future so that our company's IT specialists, together with foreign partners, can implement their innovative products and services in Turkmenistan. And the fourth direction is currently very popular in our country — it consulting services for start-up projects, as well as for existing companies and entrepreneurs.

– What is the special feature of your project "Netije"?

– “Netije” electronic document management project is a Turkmen software written by our company's specialists. Taking into account all the peculiarities of the legislative bases and current regulations, we have created an electronic office, an electronic document flow for both public sector organizations and private sector companies in our country. What is “Netije” good for? First, it has an interface in the Turkmen language. Secondly, according to the new requirements and tasks that our state sets for us in order to develop the country's digitalization, our products can always be refined with new solutions. For example, if you need an electronic signature, you can easily modify it using "Netije".

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