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Singer Mahri Pirgulyyeva introduced a new music album in Ashgabat


Photo: Mahri Pirgulyyeva (left) and the news presenter of the Turkmenportal.

Today in the Ashgabat Restaurant, the Turkmen singer Mahri Pirgulyyeva solemnly presented her new music album «Ýyldyz».

The new disc consists of eleven solo compositions in the Turkmen language: «Ýyldyz», «Nurana», «Çalýar depler», «Men bagtly gyzyň», «Bal ýaly», «Diňe sen», «Ildar», «Waheý waheý», «Ülkam Türkmenistan», «Ýadama» and «Deň däl biz». One song «Ejem» was recorded in collaboration with Honored Artist of Turkmenistan Zuleyha Kakayeva. The admirers of the singer were looking forward to fresh musical compositions.

Recall that in December 2018, the singer Mahri Pirgulyyeva won the Grand Prix of the popular youth music competition «Star of the Year 2018», the final round of which was held at the Alp Arslan Drama Theater in Ashgabat. Mahri Pirgulyyeva performed a song of her own composition «Alaja», she was awarded the prize «Ýylyň parlak ýyldyzy». The singer is also known as the author of popular songs «Öňe, Diňe Öňe», «Aýterek günterek» and «Hazynam».

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