Pupils from Turkmenistan won three bronze medals at the International Chemistry Olympiad in Paris

Pupils from Turkmenistan won three bronze medals at the International Chemistry Olympiad in Paris

The Turkmen participants of the 51st International Chemistry Olympiad, the IChO International Chemistry Olympiad, which was held in Paris from July 21 to 30, became the owners of three bronze medals and one Certificate of Honor, the newspaper Neutral Turkmenistan reports.

According to information, this subject Olympiad is an annual competition with the participation of students from different countries. Its high status is evidenced by the fact that famous scientists, Nobel Prize winners traditionally become honored guests of this international educational forum. The main objective of the Olympiad is to increase the interest of schoolchildren in chemical sciences around the world. The competition consists of two rounds: experimental and theoretical. Both last up to five hours and are held on different days.

This year, the Olympiad was a record for the number of participants. They became more than three hundred young chemists from more than 80 countries. Among them are Russia, the USA, Japan, Germany, Spain, Norway, Brazil, Malaysia, Argentina, India, Singapore, Canada, Denmark, Greece, Poland, Indonesia, Iran, Nigeria, and others. Each country could represent a team of up to four members.

For Turkmenistan, a team consisting of three representatives of the State boarding school for specially gifted children - Berdyklych Rejepbaev, Yusup Dovletmuradov, and Atabay Allamuradov, as well as a senior student of Dashoguz Palvan Jumayev secondary school No. 26 - persistently defended their winning positions. As the children’s mentor, their leader, a chemistry teacher at the State boarding school for especially gifted children Nazar Mammadov, said in an interview with the newspaper Neutral Turkmenistan that our team showed a good result. In total, Atabay Allamuradov did not have enough points to climb the step of the victorious podium. And in the end, he was awarded a Certificate of Merit. The remaining three of our students became owners of bronze medals.

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