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The highway Turkmenbashi - Garabogaz - the border of Kazakhstan will be reconstructed


The highway Turkmenbashi-Garabogaz-Kazakhstan border with a length of 225 kilometers is planned to be completely reconstructed, the Golden Age electronic newspaper reports. The upgraded road will be a continuation of the Ashgabat-Turkmenbashi high-speed highway and will create additional opportunities to increase domestic and international traffic, as well as trade with neighboring countries.

At the moment, the road has two lanes and does not withstand the increased axial loads, the traffic is 1200 vehicles per day. With an increase in the industrial potential of the Turkmen seaside and the country's assertion in the status of an international transit and transport hub, traffic intensity will increase significantly. Therefore, the need has arisen to build a modern, erected on innovative technologies road with facilities related infrastructure.

In this regard, the specialists of the State Concern "Turkmenavtoyollary" developed a feasibility study on the improvement of the transport route to the standards of the second technical category, with four-lane traffic. The width of the roadbed will more than double to 22.5 meters, the width of the roadway to 15 meters. The highway will be equipped in accordance with modern requirements. Along the highway build parking lots, gas stations, service stations, shops, food cafes, buildings of the main line and traffic police services. A draft of a new bridge has been prepared, across the Garabogaz Bay, which length will be more than 350 meters.

The improved highway will allow to increase the goods turnover, the volumes of passenger and transport flow between the western and northern regions of the country, reduce the time and cost of transportation. 

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