How to protect yourself from the heat?

How to protect yourself from the heat?

Some people like the hot weather very much. However, if the air temperature rises above 36 °C — the temperature of the human body, the body changes thermoregulation processes, in which the cardiovascular system actively participates. The main health problem in the heat is associated with blood clots and an increased risk of blood clots.

Usually, when it is already hot, but the air temperature is lower than the body temperature, the blood actively circulates directly under the skin, giving heat to the external environment and thus cooling the body. When the air temperature rises above 38 degrees, activating blood flow under the skin does not help. Then the human body includes a mechanism for centralizing blood flow-reducing blood supply to peripheral vessels. This greatly increases the load on the cardiovascular system and leads to the development of its diseases. Blood thickening occurs in conditions of increased sweating and insufficient replenishment of the body's lost fluid. This process can also occur at less extreme temperatures.

The main thing that medical experts warn about is to avoid health problems in hot weather, give up Smoking and alcohol, reduce physical activity and the amount of food you eat. The tendency to blood clots in smokers is almost doubled. The toxic breakdown product of alcohol — acetaldehyde-can disrupt the heart rate. This is especially dangerous in the heat, when the load on the heart is increased. And physical activity should be temporarily reduced or transferred to the early morning or late evening. Digesting food requires a fairly large amount of energy, and in hot weather it is better to reduce energy consumption. In addition, avoid fatty foods that require prolonged digestion.

In hot weather, it is necessary to stay in a cool air — conditioned room for as long as possible, avoiding prolonged exposure to the open space, especially during the hottest hours-from 11.00 to 17.00, Staying in the sun during a hot period is not safe even for absolutely healthy people. If work requires staying in direct sunlight, try to go into the shade or air-conditioned room every 10-15 minutes.

It is important to observe the drinking regime. Drink at least one and a half, but no more than three liters of water a day, so as not to disrupt the water-salt exchange in the body. If you have heart disease, limit yourself to two liters. Do not eat spicy food and sweet drinks — these products cause a strong thirst.

If you suffer from cardiovascular diseases, contact your doctor as soon as possible after the onset of heat. You may need to adjust your medication. Take your blood pressure regularly and don't forget to take your medication. people who suffer from chronic diseases should consult with their doctor about the prevention of exacerbations and complications of the disease. Healthy people should also take care of their health and follow the rules of behavior on hot days in order to avoid heat and sunstrokes, high blood pressure, and others.

On hot days, wear loose light clothing made of natural fabrics that does not interfere with the "breathing" of the skin and does not lead to overheating of the body, be sure to wear light hats and carry a bottle of water. On days with high air temperature, do not go outside without special need, especially during the period of maximum solar activity.

Do not cool the room or interior of the car to the minimum temperature. The transition from a cool room to a hot room and back creates an additional load on the cardiovascular system. Special attention should be paid to children in the heat. Their body is very sensitive to high ambient temperature. Infants should not be exposed to the sun.

Symptoms of overheating of the child — redness of the skin, fever, lethargy, nausea, unreasonable whims, frequent breathing with shortness of breath, convulsions and even fainting. At the first manifestations of these symptoms in a child, it is necessary to take off his clothes, put them in a horizontal position, wipe the entire body with a wet cloth or a cloth soaked in water and be sure to drink every 5-10 minutes. If you lose consciousness, immediately call an ambulance.

All these symptoms are also observed in heat or sunstroke in adults. Therefore, the victim must be laid in a cool place, on the head — a cold compress. If he is conscious, give a copious drink, if not-bring to life with the help of ammonia and wait for the arrival of an ambulance team.


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