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What factors to consider when buying a smartphone with your hands

What factors to consider when buying a smartphone with your hands

Over time, mobile phones become our closest satellites. This was especially noticeable as a result of the emergence of "smart" mobile phones. What factors should you consider when buying hand-held phones? Here are some tips that will help you when buying a phone with your hands.

1. Check the seller's profile

If you buy a phone over the Internet, check the seller's profile. Usually on the site and mobile software, each seller has its own profile. You can go to your profile and get information about products that the seller has sold and is selling. If the seller is really real and famous, you can relax a little.

2. Think about the price

Does the price match the phone you are trying to buy with your hands? Think about it. First, find out the price of a new phone of the same type, and then compare the price of the phone you want to buy, based on factors such as the period of use, status, and warranty. Even if it was only used for 1 day, it is considered to be already used (used), so the price should be slightly different from the new phone.

3. Run a diagnostic on the phone before purchasing

Let's say you like the phone and the price is acceptable for you. Don't forget to make a diagnosis before you buy it. It is best to conduct diagnostics together with experts in this field. You can also do it yourself. To do this, there are special commands that you need to enter in your phone: checking the sensor operation, color settings, and so on. Also check for factors such as battery life, SIM card and chip performance, and whether there are scratches on the screen.

4. Compare the characteristics

Study the characteristics of your phone before you buy it. Factory phone or fake? Some phones are manufactured exactly like the factory ones and have some differences in characteristics. In this regard, study and compare the characteristics. There are special websites on the Internet that compare two or more phones in detail.

5. Do not make a prepayment

In some cases, the seller may require prepayment. Do not make a mistake in such cases! If you make a prepayment, you may be left without a phone number, and you may not even find a seller. If you want to buy a phone, pay in full and at the same time.

6. Check the IMEI code and be sure to require a box

All phones have a unique IMEI code, i.e. a serial number. This code is written in the phone and on its box. The IMEI code in the phone must match the IMEI code on the box. If you buy a phone with a box and the IMEI codes match, you can trust the seller. To view the IMEI code on phones, dial * #06#.

7. Do not buy non-working phones

It is recommended not to buy non-working phones. First, it is not known whether they can be repaired, and secondly, it is not known how much the repair will cost, it may cost you more than the new one. Non-working phones are usually bought by the master over the phone for spare parts.

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