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2020 AFC Cup: with whom and when will FC Altyn Asyr play?

2020 AFC Cup: with whom and when will FC Altyn Asyr play?

The final calendar of matches of the champion of Turkmenistan FC Altyn Asyr at the group stage of the 2020 AFC Cup was determined.

The champion of Turkmenistan again received the right to play in the group stage of the 2020 AFC Cup. In the group D of the Central Zone, the footballers of FC Altyn Asyr will play with FC Istiklol (Tajikistan), FC Dordoi (Kyrgyzstan) and FC Khujand (Tajikistan).

In the first round of the group stage of the 2020 AFC Cup on March 11, FC Altyn Asyr in Bishkek, at the Dolen Omurzakov Stadium will play against FC Dordoi. The match starts at 19:00 Ashgabat time.

In a parallel match at the Central Stadium of Dushanbe, two clubs from Tajikistan will play — FC Istiklol and FC Khujand. This football match will begin at 19:00.

2020 AFC Cup. Group D:

1st round, March 11 (Wednesday):

Istiklol (Tajikistan) — Khujand (Tajikistan)

Dordoi (Kyrgyzstan) — Altyn Asyr (Turkmenistan)

2nd round, April 15 (Wednesday):

Khujand (Tajikistan) — Dordoi (Kyrgyzstan)

Altyn Asyr (Turkmenistan) — Istiklol (Tajikistan)

3rd round, April 29 (Wednesday):

Khujand (Tajikistan) — Altyn Asyr (Turkmenistan)

Istiklol (Tajikistan) — Dordoi (Kyrgyzstan)

4th round, May 13 (Wednesday):

Altyn Asyr (Turkmenistan) — Khujand (Tajikistan)

Dordoi (Kyrgyzstan) — Istiklol (Tajikistan)

5th round, May 27 (Wednesday):

Khujand (Tajikistan) — Istiklol (Tajikistan)

Altyn Asyr (Turkmenistan) — Dordoi (Kyrgyzstan)

6th round, June 17 (Wednesday):

Istiklol (Tajikistan) — Altyn Asyr (Turkmenistan)

Dordoi (Kyrgyzstan) — Khujand (Tajikistan)

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