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CAME-technologies of the future today

CAME-technologies of the future today

Paolo Menuzzo founded the company CAME (Costruzioni Automatici Meccanici Electronici) in 1972 and since then the company has successfully developed in the field of access control automation. CAME provides a wide range of automation for entrance, garage and industrial gates, and also develops "smart home" systems and security alarms.

Today, CAME GROUP is represented in 118 countries, and its sales network includes more than 480 distributors and branches around the world. Implementation in the Turkmen market is carried out by the company "CAME — Turkmenistan".

CAME more than 40 years of experience in the production of automation for residential, office and industrial buildings. The company designs, manufactures and markets technology solutions for the management of residential homes, buildings and public space. It offers comprehensive solutions for Parking, access control, security and people flow management.

The company CAME is one of the most developed holdings in Europe with more than 50 patents and more than a hundred designers. In addition to the production of new smart technologies, CAME invests 5% of its revenues in research activities.










Quality comes first

CAME is an automation that will work reliably and for a long time. The basis of impeccable reliability of products-many years of experience in the production of automation, European multi-stage quality control.

EN-tested certificate indicates that all products are subject to strict control in accordance with the requirements of European standards. A sign of originality indicates the origin of all components - 100% Italian production, which can withstand electromagnetic interference, temperature and time changes, as well as being tested for wear parts.

System management is a convenient and familiar gadget for us. With a mobile phone, tablet or desktop computer, provided you are connected to the Internet, you can control your home remotely without restrictions: forgot to close the doors or turn off the lights, all this is fixable. The Touch panel will allow you to control the automated system inside the house. In order not to differ from the design of the room, you can choose a frame for the screen. And real photos of your premises will help you manage the "Smart home» system.

Safety at every movement

Security is an integral part of the automatic CAME system.

Anti-theft alarm with sensors and detectors protects against unauthorized intrusion. Integration with the "Smart home" system makes it possible to determine the alarm receiver, and video cameras instantly display the area where the movement occurs. You also get a warning about the penetration of your phone, tablet or computer — you will always be aware of what is happening inside and outside your home.

Optimization of energy consumption. CAME analyzes the excessive consumption in the network and solves the problem to avoid loads and network failures. The system takes care of machinery that may be affected by power outages.

Technical alarm — any failure related to water or gas leakage, short circuit or fire. Sensors respond to a number of factors related to technical defects

In-house, and immediately alert the owner of the problem by SMS or email to avoid the problem and not cause major accidents.

CAME is the comprehensive automation

Automation for entrance gates

Choosing the best option, you will be able to automate the gate without additional costs or the need to make changes to the existing structure. And the result? The drive will fit seamlessly into any context without breaking.





Its aesthetic appeal, as well as provide excellent system performance and maximum convenience and practicality.

Wing gates



Drives for swing gates CAME greatly simplify the daily use of the garage. You no longer have to get out of the car, manually open and close heavy gates or Park your car in dark underground parking lots. CAME will make your life much easier, more convenient and safer.

The company CAME to market A completely new generation of automatic actuators for swing type gates. These devices can be mounted both on new and already installed gates, regardless of the design features of the latter.











Sliding gates




A sliding gate or sliding gate is a mechanism represented by a beam with a toothed rail. On the Foundation set one pair of roller supports and electric gear drive, which provide automatic opening of the gate. Modern automation allows producing safe and reliable mechanisms, which are opened by remote control. Automatic gate opening will be appreciated by drivers who, without leaving the car, can operate garage gates.









Garage door

Automation for overhead and sectional doors CAME is designed to automate remote discovery of different types of garage doors. It is suitable for both new and existing designs that have certain limitations in application. Knowing the size of the web and the requirements for functionality, you can easily choose the best solution without additional costs and the need to make changes to the design of the gate.









The result will be an aesthetically pleasing design in harmony with the architectural context, excellent performance, absolute safety and maximum comfort: with CAME the dream of the perfect garage door becomes a reality.

 Smart Home






On the market there are many systems of full control, but the system "Smart Home" CAME deserves special attention! Starting with the automation of door systems, continuing with shutters and awnings, the Italian company decided to integrate its solutions and create a single panel that will coordinate the work of all automation inside and outside your home. Now every electrical device can be part of a complex-an indispensable system for modern life.

Smart home is a new dimension of comfort in your life. Wherever you are, you can connect to the home automation system via the Internet at any time using your smartphone, tablet or PC. You will monitor the situation in the house with the help of video images broadcast by cameras, check the power consumption of connected appliances, turn on the irrigation system or raise the temperature in the premises before your arrival.

Parking and Access Control Systems

Parking management equipment. Equipment for pedestrian zone access control.




CAME access control systems are designed to build reliable network access control systems from 500 to 5500 people.

System Domofonie






CAME offers a wide range of Premium-class systems for video and audio intercom. Combining a user-friendly design and an innovative solution, each device CAME demonstrates excellent quality and ease of installation and use. Various systems are very flexible to adapt to the wishes of any customer and offer solutions that are suitable both in style and functionality — the perfect solution for any object, from a cottage to an apartment complex.

Automatic doors and industrial gates

Automatic doors and industrial gates of the highest quality are designed and manufactured by the Italian holding company CAME CANCELLI AUTOMATICI. All proposed security systems are effective, durable and can become a true decoration of entry groups, emphasizing the high status of property owners. Universal axis series actuators direct mounting on shaft. They are the optimal solution for automation of industrial facilities gates.

With the CAME system, automatic control becomes easier and more convenient, regardless of whether you are near or far from home.

For entrance and garage doors, opening or closing the door will become much more convenient with a touch panel or a standard wall unit. If you forget to close the door and are away from home, you can control the system from your mobile phone or PC via the Internet.

Comfortable Solution

The CAME integration system cares about how comfortable You will feel at home, so it has developed a number of features that contribute to this.

The official dealer of CAME in Turkmenistan A. Kerimkulov. You can acquire the CAME technology at a residential complex "Gurtly", 38th house and also at +99365812065,

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