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How to find CVC-code for “Altyn Asyr” cards issued in Turkmenistan

How to find CVC-code for “Altyn Asyr” cards issued in Turkmenistan

Payment for services and purchases of goods online using the Altyn Asyr card requires a special CVC-code (Card Validation Code).

It is printed on the back of the card and consists of three numbers as shown in the photo.

You can get the CVC-code for “Altyn Asyr” cards at any ATM of Turkmenistan, including ATMs near the head office of Halk Bank on st. Hudayberdiyeva, Ashgabat. Instructions for requesting a CVC- code using an ATM can be downloaded here or use the instructions below.

If for technical reasons you could not get the code, then you can contact the bank where your card is serviced.

Instructions for creating an application for obtaining a CVC-code at an ATM.

Attention: When making a request for a CVC-code, the user should already have a subscription to the SMS Alerting service.

After successful authorization, a picture with a menu of available operations appears on the ATM screen. Select the menu item "Payments";

Next, select the menu item "Phone";

In the next window, select the menu item "CVC-code";

In the next step, enter the phone number that you specified when you signed up for the SMS alert. The CVC-code will go to it.

If you have entered the correct phone number, the system will display the following message:

"During the day you will be sent an SMS with a CVC-code."

Make sure that the entered data is correct and confirm it.

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