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4 autumn shoes that will always be in fashion


Many women will surely agree that a new pair of shoes can cheer up, inspire, and in some cases even replace a trip to a psychologist.

Turkmenportal asked a representative of the Röwşen brand to list universal footwear models for autumn that will be relevant for many years to come.

Pumps are a real classic, belonging to the category of must-have women's wardrobe. They are suitable for any occasion, from the office dress code to the evening out.

Shoes with thin heels and a pointed cape visually elongate the silhouette and lengthen the legs, making the image more feminine and elegant. Black and nude pumps are versatile options that are in harmony with any image. If you need to add interest and expressiveness to the image, pumps in bright colors will help.

Loafers are perfect for autumn. They combine comfort, style and versatility. Loafers look great paired with trench coats, jeans, dresses (midi and maxi), leather pants, sweatshirts, etc.

Sneakers, thanks to the variety of styles and models, boast the largest fan club. Among the fans are people of different ages and professions.

Here are some of the latest sneaker trends:

  • dad sneakers or dad shoes - rough silhouette, thick soles and silver color;
  • ugly sneakers - massive with an interesting and sometimes even strange weave of materials;
  • white sneakers are a classic. With such a pair of sneakers, you will be in debt;
  • color-block sneakers - a combination of contrasting color elements.

Chelsea boots are minimalistic, slip-on boots with an elastic insert at the side. Chelsea will help you create many stylish and elegant looks.

What does the Röwşen shoe brand offer to its customers?

The Röwşen brand has long established itself both in the domestic market of Turkmenistan and abroad. Röwşen shoes and accessories are of high quality, stylish design and comfort.

Shoes made of genuine leather are durable, wear-resistant and resistant to weather conditions. Comfortable to wear is achieved through a comfortable fit and a soft insole that provides support for the feet.

Why is it worth visiting Röwşen shoe stores?

  • the stores offer a wide range of shoes for every taste and at reasonable prices;
  • all shoes are made of high-quality genuine leather;
  • shoes have a modern design;
  • the store has experienced sales assistants who will help you find the perfect pair of shoes for your needs;
  • you can try on shoes in a relaxed environment and make sure they fit you.

“Röwşen shoes and accessories are an excellent choice for those who value quality, style and comfort”, - emphasizes the brand representative.

Contact details of Röwşen stores in Ashgabat:

  • Bitarap Turkmenistan avenue, 91/1 (Gadamly building). Phone: (+993 12) 21 63 06, (+993 64) 14 14 19;
  • Bagtyýarlyk shopping and entertainment center, 1st floor, No. 6, phone (+993 65) 55 34 74;
  • st. Bamako, “Sumbar” bazaar, Datly Ses shopping center, 1st floor, phone (+993 63) 65 16 85.

Contact details of Röwşen stores in the velayats of Turkmenistan:

  • Anau: (+993 62) 79 01 16;
  • Tejen: (+993 63) 51 10 55;
  • Mary: (+993 522) 7 30 15;
  • Yolotan: +(993 63) 06 47 78;
  • Balkanabat: (+993 63) 28 32 05;
  • Turkmenbashy: (+993 65) 89 52 55;
  • Dashoguz: (+993 62) 79 01 16;
  • Turkmenabat: (+993 63) 79 74 88;
  • Kerki: (+993 62) 67 05 19.


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