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A new look at the routine: five methods of house cleaning


Do you remember how the cat Matroskin from the cartoon “Prostokvashino” advised uncle Fyodor to eat a sandwich correctly? So, in this article we will talk about how to properly clean the house. Wipe the dust, wash the floors, vacuum - and you're done! But no, as in eating a sandwich, putting things in order also has its own wisdom and nuances.

There are a large number of cleaning techniques that, according to their authors, will make this tedious process for most people fun and even loved.

Remove what you can hug - the method belongs to the American writer and creator of the blog about minimalism and productivity Zen Habits Leo Babouta. The father of six, being an adherent of “productive simplicity” advises to clean up on the go. For example, he ate - immediately washed the plate, noticed dirt or dust - wiped it or swept it, soiled the stove - wiped it. Leo Babauta also recommends:

  • clean up in an area that you can wrap your arms around, gradually moving towards the next hug area.
  • sort things into three categories: “Keep”, “Throw away” and “May come in handy”. If things from the last category are not useful in the next six months, they can be sent to the trash without a twinge of conscience.


“Fly lady” is a system from housewife Marla Seeley. The woman came up with the method in 1999 and today Marla's community consists of about one million people.

The essence of the method lies in the daily 15-minute cleaning of housing in a certain sequence: Monday - children's room, Tuesday - kitchen and hallway, Wednesday - bedroom, etc. Before you start cleaning, set a timer and finish it immediately after the signal. In addition, fly ladies should organize a “Hour of Blessing at Home” once a week. This is the name Marla Seeley gave to the hourly cleaning, for which you need to wash the floors, vacuum and dust the entire house.

And finally, “hot spots” should be extinguished - these are places in which things constantly accumulate: coffee or kitchen tables, a workplace, etc.

Keep only what you love - the “KonMari” method from the author of the book “Magic Cleaning” Marie Kondo. The Japanese writer has no doubt that proper cleaning can put in order not only the house, but also your thoughts.

The main task of the owners of “KonMari” is to leave only those things that cause joy. If the thing evokes unpleasant emotions, then thank it and throw it away. By the way, a dialogue with things is a Japanese tradition that underlies cleaning using the Marie Kondo technique.

For maximum comfort, things should be stored vertically: carefully fold or roll clothes, hang them in the closet from dark and warm to light and light.


“The Lazy Anonymous” method was invented in 1982 by Sandra Felton after a woman lost her dissertation in her own home. Realizing her disorganization, Sandra Felton developed her own rules, according to which cleanliness is easier to maintain where there is a constant order, and he, in turn, will be if each thing has its own place.

“The Lazy Anonymous” method will work if:

  • train yourself to put things in their place;
  • ask for help with cleaning loved ones;
  • distribute things into three boxes: “Throw away”, “Sell or give away”, “Store”;
  • do not leave for later things that take less than 30 seconds of time (washing one plate) - washed and forgotten;
  • periodically look at your home as if from the side to decide what can be improved.

“Ask yourself what you can catch in a fire” - says Alison Hodgson, founder of the burning house method. After a fire in her own house, in which the Alison family managed to save only themselves, a laptop and a camera, the American decided to reconsider her attitude to things. According to Alison, they could not remember what was stored in distant cabinets, and it was once a pity to throw these things away. Therefore, the main recommendation when parsing household trash is to leave things that make you happy and that you would grab in case of a fire.

Using simple tricks, you can clean your house with pleasure, or you can get creative and come up with your own cleaning method. The main thing is not to forget: “Cleanliness is the key to health!”.


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