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“Stress-resistant”, “sociable”: how to avoid standard wording in a resume


Writing a resume is a responsible mission. And if places of work and information about education are usually not difficult to list, then the section “Personal qualities” confuses many.

Most often, we try to be modest and are afraid to overpraise ourselves, resorting to hackneyed words in a resume like: stress-resistant, sociable, punctual, etc.

Recruitment specialists advise not to forget that there may not be a second chance when applying for a good job. Therefore, you should prepare a section with personal qualities so that the resume attracts the attention of the employer.

A popular site for finding jobs and employees advises which words are better not to use and how they can be replaced in a resume:

We replace stress-resistant with “reliable”, “tactful”, “fair”, “balanced”.

We replace the responsible with “independent”, “conscientious”, “confident”, “decisive”, “competent”.

We replace the sociable with “friendly”, “responsive”, “eloquent”, “sincere”, “soulful”, “sensitive”, “charming”.

Punctual, disciplined, accurate. Instead, we use – “mandatory”, “accurate”, “attentive”, “decent”.

Replace easily learnable with phrases - “open to new knowledge”, “constantly working on myself”, “strive for excellence in my profession”, “my priorities are experience and knowledge”, “interested in additional education”.

What to do if the employer asks the applicant to indicate his weaknesses. What qualities are suitable for a resume so as not to spoil the impression of yourself.

When listing your shortcomings, it is worth considering the position for which you are applying. For example, such disadvantages as restlessness or hyperactivity become a plus for a sales representative.

Here are some more tips from the KlubTK personnel portal on turning disadvantages into advantages:

Slowness - do not miss important details.

Demanding - you will not work half-heartedly.

Conciseness – talk less, do more.

Also, negative qualities include: ambition, stubbornness, perfectionism, straightforwardness, etc.

Move away from boring standards and then your resume will stand out among the profiles of other job seekers.


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