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5 interior design ideas that will be relevant in the future


In the world of interior design, the transience of trends is the norm rather than the anomaly. But there are styles and solutions in interior design that are an exception - an environment that will be relevant in many years. The value of such techniques is that by investing in them now, it will be possible to save money in the future.

Natural materials - wood, glass, brick, metal, ceramics and stone

Furnishings and furniture in which wood with a unique natural pattern is present, marble with an interesting interweaving of veins or brick with its cracks will, after a few decades, be in the category of “old” and “antiques”, and not old-fashioned trends.


Natural materials age beautifully and look textured.

White and other neutral colors

Restrained colors are a winning backdrop for the interior. Such shades go well with bright, elegant and non-trivial decor elements.


But you should not go to extremes in creating an interior “for centuries” and if you are a lover of bright and complex shades, then trust your taste more than fashion trends.

Art objects

Things made to look like carbon paper will go out of fashion in a few years, but not copyrighted works. That is why paintings and sculptures of past centuries look relevant in a modern interior.

Of course, not everyone can afford masterpieces of world art, to put it mildly, but reproductions can replace them. It is worth paying attention to the art objects of contemporary artists, sculptors, artisans and other craftsmen.


If you are afraid of making a mistake with the choice of an object of art, experts advise you to act on the principle that I am ready to look at this art object for years.

Functionality is timeless

Functionality, convenience and conciseness are inherent in furniture and decor items that have become cult. That is why the masterpieces of world industrial design, which were created 50 or more years ago, look like they were designed yesterday.


An interior with “character” - a space that combines elements of different styles will not lose its novelty for a long time. But only if the individuality is reflected not by randomly chosen objects, but by a well-thought-out concept.


In the implementation of creating their own vision of the interior, Turkmen citizens can rely on the local furniture factory Aýbölek.

For many years, the company has been fulfilling individual orders. The advantages of such furniture are in its exclusivity - the order is made in a single copy and in its harmony - the furniture set will correspond to the proportions of the room.

The Turkmen factory Aýbölek produces bedroom, kitchen and children's sets, furniture for living rooms, offices, libraries, modular sets and more.

You can visit the Aýbölek store at the address: Ashgabat, Andalib street, 80. Phones: (+993 12) 47 01 03, (+993 12) 47 01 04.


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