What should you know about the starting census of population in Turkmenistan?


“The population census 2022: Solidarity, Happiness, Bright future”. Under this slogan the country’s comprehensive population and housing census in Turkmenistan will be held from December 17 to 27. The emblem of the campaign is the Turkmen White Yurt – “Türkmeniň ak öýi” - a symbol of traditions preservation and original historical and cultural heritage. 

To collect data on residents of Turkmenistan, including foreign citizens as well as persons without citizenship, will be specially trained census personnel.

To collect information, the counters will visit every flat and house, questioning the population on 4 separate census forms, each of which includes a certain group of questions. A number of them concern social-demographic characteristics, such as age, nationality, gender, place and year of birth, citizenship, marital status, education level, employment and income source.

Moreover, the census forms will include the questions regarding housing conditions of the population. You will need to specify the type of building, the period of construction, the total area of the apartment or house, the number of rooms and types of landscaping.  Additionally, provide information about the form of ownership of the residential premises, the number of rooms, area, utilities and Internet availability. Also indicate the number of living members of the household, regardless of the presence of a residence permit and their relationship with the head of the family.

It should be noted that the comprehensive census of the population and housing of Turkmenistan in 2022 will be held using digital technologies (tablets, equipped with the corresponding software). With the assistance of UNFPA, the United Nations Population Fund, the State Statistics Committee of Turkmenistan has purchased the necessary equipment - computers, powerful servers and storages that will allow data from tablets to automatically transfer into the central database, located on the Central Server of the State Statistics Committee and ensure accuracy and quality of population census data.

Important! The population census is confidential. Received data will be used only in an impersonal form.

It will take no more than 20-30 minutes to fill in the census forms. To fill them in, the counters will not require the documents of identification and place of residence of the population. The head of the family can answer for all members of the family.

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